Found Cat - Chesterfield, NH


Your name: Jade Harmon

Your phone number: (802) 579-6256

Email Address:

Lost or Found: Found

Animal type: Cat

Age: 6 months to 1 year

Size: Very small - 5-7 pounds, very skinny

Gender: Female

Breed: domestic short hair - not sure of gender - guessing female

Color: All black

Distinguishing Marks: golden eyes, very long tail, small healed scratch on left ear, very loud meow - "talkative"

Animal name:

What day was the animal lost or found?: 1/17/2018

Location: Found on Hutchins Rd, waiting on porch

Other useful Information: Cat is extremely friendly and comfortable in a house, indicating a recent owner. We will foster the cat until an owner is located and have nearby potential adoptees in mind.