Lost Dogs - Bondville

Your name: Suzy or Tom Maneggia

Your phone number: (802) 366-0338

Email Address: suzy@norsehouse.com

Lost or Found: Lost

Animal type: Dog

Age: 2 dogs, 6 years old

Size: 1 is 55lbs and the other is 70lbs

Gender: Male

Breed: 1st dog is Gordon Setter and 2nd dog is Spinone Italiano

Color: Gordon Setter - black with highlights of brown and Spinone is white

Distinguishing Marks:

Animal name: Carob is Gordon Setter and Bruno is Spinone

What day was the animal lost or found?: 11/12/2018

Location: They left our property at 82 Winhall hollow Road, Bondville, VT 05340

Other useful Information: They are always together, very friendly. They will chase birds/animals, they are hunting dogs by nature
They love treats, Bruno is not a fan of getting into a car or truck, but Carob loves to.

carob and bruno (1).JPG
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