Found Cat- Brattleboro

Your name: Jennifer Griffith

Your phone number: (802) 451-6131

Email Address:

Lost or Found: Found

Animal type: Cat

Age: 2

Size: 15

Gender: Male


Color: mackerel grey

Distinguishing Marks: white chest and paws

Animal name:

What day was the animal lost or found?: 12/13/2018

Location: Spruce St, Brattleboro

Other useful Information: This sweet and affectionate cat was found up in a tree on our street on the night of 12/13. He is an "intact" male (not neutered, that is), medium build, with short grey fur in a mackerel coat. He seems on the younger side and is very friendly and sweet, as mentioned. Our neighbor, whose tree we found him in, said he'd been there for at least 2 days. When he came into our house we fed him some wet food and he ate heartily. Please contact us if he's yours!

WCHS staffFound Cat