Lost Cat- Westminster

Your name: LYLE REDDY

Your phone number: (802) 518-2015

Email Address: vtbcxc@comcast.net

Lost or Found: Lost

Animal type: Cat

Age: about 4 years

Size: 15 lbs

Gender: Male

Breed: Short Hair, Flame point

Color: Cream, Faded Orange

Distinguishing Marks: Flame point, Face and Tail faded orange Tigers Markings, Orange ears, Steel blue eyes,

Animal name: Mister

What day was the animal lost or found?: 12/24/2018

Location: lived and last seen on Sand Hill Rd of Westminster VT

Other useful Information: Kinda shy, I would rather come to you then you come to me, but I will once I get use to you. I am wearing a gray break away Seresto caller. , which is good untill Sept of 2019. All my shots are up to dated, I'll never be a father.

WCHS staffLost Cat