Lost Cat - Putney

Your name: Alicia Brown

Your phone number: (303) 579-5060

Email Address: aliciawistrombrown@gmail.com

Lost or Found: Lost

Animal type: Cat

Age: 2

Size: Large

Gender: Male


Color: grey, black and tan

Distinguishing Marks: Tiger stripe / tabby

Animal name: Timber

What day was the animal lost or found?: 12/3/2017

Location: Hickory Ridge Rd, Putney, VT

Other useful Information: Timber is still missing. We had a reported sighting in a barn on Tavern Hill Rd in Putney in December. If you or someone you know lives in the area, please keep your eyes out and please check for little cat prints around any outbuildings. We have some good leads but no luck yet in bringing Timber home. Thank you for your help! Description: grey and tan tiger / tabby cat, large frame, quiet meow, yellow-green eyes. Long tail with a dark end, mirrored pattern on back, brown nose, white rim around eyes, white mouth, timid. Microchipped but has no tags.

WCHS staffLost Cat