Lost Dog - Brattleboro

Your name: jody Beaman

Your phone number: (802) 579-8509

Email Address: jodybea1212@yahoo.com

Lost or Found: Lost

Animal type: Dog

Age: 3

Size: 50

Gender: Male

Breed: Treeing Walker Coonhound

Color: Tri-color

Distinguishing Marks: It looks like he has mickey mouse on his back if you stand behind him. He has a red collar with a tag of my address 625 western ave on it, BUT PHONE NUMBER ON COLLAR IS WRONG!!!! PLEASE CALL 802 579 8509. He is extremely sweet and friendly and will probably just want to go get on somebody's couch. He is my baby...please return him!!

Animal name: BUDDY

What day was the animal lost or found?: 3/24/2018

Location: Company let him out of the gate by accident...at 625 western ave. (Blue house across from Brookside drive, in West Brattleboro). I have a stockade fence around my yard for him.

Other useful Information: He's very very sweet, and won't bite. Please somebody grab him if you see him and call me. He's like my kid to me and I will be very upset until I get him back. Thanks for your help. Jody

WCHS staff