Lost Dog - Richards Rd - Grafton, VT

our name: Penny Osgood

Your phone number: (802) 289-3727

Email Address: posgood28@gmail.com

Lost or Found: Lost

Animal type: Dog

Age: 6

Size: 100-105 Lbs.

Gender: Female

Breed: Rottweiller

Color: Black and Mahogany

Distinguishing Marks: slight greying around the muzzle, she also has a little growth between her shoulders, it is under the fur, it initially looks like a tick.

Animal name: Haley Will also answer to Bear or Haley Bear

What day was the animal lost or found?: 6/5/2018

Location: 204 Richards Rd Grafton VT. from our home.

Other useful Information: She is very sweet, also skittish around loud noises. especially gun shots.
She was last seen in the vicinity of Horseshoe Rd. in Chester VT. She
is chipped and was wearing a purple woven collar with tags from Grafton, VT
and Westminster Animal Hospital.

WCHS staff