Lost Cat - Westminster VT

Your name: Gayla Mayo

Your phone number: (892) 289-4506

Email Address: 48billom@gmail.com

Lost or Found: Lost

Animal type: Cat

Age: Born: April 20, 2013. 5 years 5months

Size: 7 to 8 pounds

Gender: Male

Breed: Tuxedo short haired

Color: Black and white

Distinguishing Marks: 4 white paws, 3 short socks and bank left leg long white stocking and he has a white nose, checks, chin and chest.

Animal name: Amos

What day was the animal lost or found?: 9/25/2018

Location: 2327 Back Westminster Road Westminster, VT and the Muzzey Road

Other useful Information: He has a loud purr, loves to snuggle and when called comes for his treat. He gets along well with dogs and cats.

WCHS staffLost Cat