Lost Cat - Marlboro

Your name: Haley Elisha

Your phone number: (802) 251-0871

Email Address: helisha36@gmail.com

Lost or Found: Lost

Animal type: Cat

Age: 5 (fully grown, but not yet in any way old)

Size: 20 lbs! but not fat. He rather looks like a bear cub.

Gender: Male

Breed: domestic shorthair

Color: black

Distinguishing Marks: his size, really, is his most distinguishing feature.

Animal name: BEANS

What day was the animal lost or found?: 8/26/2018

Location: Marlboro, VT (town center)

Other useful Information: He's spry for such a big guy, but if treed, can't get himself down. He's an excellent hunter, and very demanding about food, etc. He likes to sit by the bathtub and dip his paws in, though he might need to get to know you before he feels that comfortable.

WCHS staffLost Cat