Found Cat - West Brattleboro

Your name: Erika Alin

Your phone number: (802) 251-7429

Email Address:

Lost or Found: Found

Animal type: Cat

Age: Unsure; looks fairly young, under 2 years probably

Size: Fairly small (but not a kitten)

Breed: General domestic shorthair

Color: Black with white chest and paws

Distinguishing Marks: White chest and boots on paws

Animal name:

What day was the animal lost or found?: 4/28/2019

Location: This cat has been coming around the Brookside condo area of West Brattleboro for the past few weeks. It doesn't seem to belong here and is out in all weather :(

Other useful Information: This is a very, very sweet (seemingly mellow) cat that purrs easily.

WCHS staffFound Cat