Lost Cat- Dummerston

Your name: Deborah Ayer

Your phone number: (802) 451-6133

Email Address: deborah.ayer.vermont@gmail.com

Lost or Found: Lost

Animal type: Cat

Age: 5 years

Size: 11 lbs

Gender: Female

Breed: Tiger

Color: Top: Brown, black, copper stripes. Belly, paws, chin: White

Distinguishing Marks:

Animal name: Baby Mae

What day was the animal lost or found?: 6/10/2019

Location: East Dummerston, corner of Schoolhouse and East-West Road

Other useful Information: Mae is. very curious, though cautious. When meeting strangers she has a mixed. reaction of hissing and investigating. She also has the capacity to be affectionate and a. glutton for soothing petting and snuggles. She is beloved and comes from a great home.

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