Lost dog - Pond Rd., Westminster, VT

Your name: Rebecca Saunders

Your phone number: (781) 363-4014

Email Address: rebecca.saunders@umb.edu

Lost or Found: Lost

Animal type: Dog

Age: 4-5 years

Size: 40 lbs. Medium-sized

Gender: Male

Breed: He has some ridges but he has pointed, not floppy, ears. Maybe a Ridgeback reject?

Color: light to medium brown,white stomach

Distinguishing Marks: wearing a red halter/collar; curly tail, very traumatized in youth

Animal name: Che

What day was the animal lost or found?: 8/17/2019

Location: We live at 113 Pond Rd, Westminster, VT 05346. He was last seen Saturday morning, Aug. 17.

Other useful Information: Che wanders but he never has stayed out overnight. He was severely traumatized as a puppy and fear barks but runs from people, especially men. He might respond to the phrase "There he is!" or his name, but he is so timid that it would be hard to catch him unless he's wounded. He is wearing a red halter. He has a white belly. He weights about 40 lbs. 
My phone number is 781-3634014, but I'm in Massachusetts. My roommate in Vermont is Andriy Portyanko and his number is 443-804-6006. 113 Pond Rd. off Kurn Hatten Street.

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