Lost|Found animals

The Windham County Humane Society works to reunite lost pets with their owners by providing this online listing of pets, both lost and found. If you need additional information about an animal, please contact the person who made the report directly using the phone number or email address provided.

If your lost pet is at WCHS:

Yay! Your pet is safe! To claim your dog, you will need to bring proof of licensure (by state law, all dogs must be licensed in the town they live in, every year). If you have not licensed your dog you will need to go to your town clerk with a current rabies certificate. If your dog is not up to date on rabies, we can provide a rabies vaccine at the shelter. (By state law, only a licensed veterinarian can administer a rabies vaccine to a dog.) You will also need to pay a $30 fee that goes to your town’s animal control budget and a boarding fee of $20/night to the WCHS. To claim a cat you must provide proof of rabies (cats do not need to be licensed), pay the $30 fee to the town and $20/night boarding. WCHS staff can vaccinate your cat for you prior to release. We are happy to work with you on a payment plan to help get your pet safely home.

If you are reunited with your pet through our lost and found blog, please email us at info@windhamcountyhumane.org so we can remove the listing. All Lost & Found Reports will be deleted after 2 months, unless an extension is requested.


To see our lost and found listings, click On The Appropriate Category, below:

To report an animal lost or found, use our Lost|Found Form.



Report a Lost|Found Pet

If you have lost or found an animal, please use our Online Lost|Found Form.