Cat Stevens Has Left the Building


We are LOVING our new girl! She is still a little shy, but spending more and more time coming out into the open (she enjoys hiding in the numerous tiny spots throughout the house). Our other kitty Cormac (who we also got from WCHS back in 2014 - and who is THE MOST AMAZING CAT ON THE PLANET) and Cat have been happily coexisting. Cat has hissed a few times at Corms, but he doesn’t have a care in the world. He is not at all upset by her and has cautiously been trying to make friends. We feel pretty confident that even if they don’t ever want to snuggle one another, they’ll be happy siblings forever. 

We love love LOVE both of our kitties, and Cat Stevens has seamlessly and happily become a loved part of our family!!! 

- Caitlyn

cat stevens.jpeg

Marianne Monoc