It Takes a Long Time to Get This Sweet


I’ve actually been meaning to send a message for some time.

We arrived at WCHS in May 2017, ready for a kitten, and were surprised to find a 12 year old "senior" named Jakey.  We felt like we'd hit the jackpot with his personality, and then you actually offered a discount for a senior adoption!  We felt like we had gotten away with something; a great cat and a reduced adoption fee?  We walked away with him, feeling extraordinarily lucky.

Jakey's only been with us for about 18 months, but those 18 months have been filled with love, deep purrs, and plenty of funny moments.  We were very sad to discover recently that Jakey has a cancerous growth, the options for which are very limited.  It's been a terrible choice for us--to subject him to surgery that might not extend his life, or to choose to keep him as comfortable as possible until he shows us that he is ready to quit.  We've chosen comfort.We've never had a cat who is as affectionate and loving as this cat.  Whomever had Jakey prior to us must surely have loved him very much, for even as I write this--with him dying--he is purring madly and seeking snuggles.  I dare say he has had a lifetime of love.  We feel very grateful to have had our time together.  It will be hard to say goodbye, but we wanted to pause for a moment and thank you for the unexpected hello that brought us together.  We will always feel very lucky to have had Jakey.

With thanks,

Sheila Pinkney

Marianne Monoc