Three's Company

Hello All,

Do you remember these three sweet felines; Natalia, Nell, and Luke? We adopted them last Sunday. Happy to say they have made incredible leaps and bounds in adapting to their new and forever home. Little Nell who was so very shy and fearful has unexpectedly become the most playful and curious one of all, and is very protective of Luke--if she hears him meow, she immediately appears to make sure he's okay; they are so bonded. Luke is learning to be much more playful and is a lovable gentle boy. Natalia was the most fearful and skittish at first but she has become much calmer and hangs out near the other two all the time now, though she prefers to eat her food by herself. She has discovered the various cat toys and is becoming more playful as well, and has big bursts of energy and runs around in mad happy dashes. All three are just amazing, adorable, and so brave in deciding to trust us. They were all of course quite frightened when they first arrived here, but all that seems like a distant memory at this point. They're now settling in and already have their routines, and seem to feel cozy and at home. 

We kept Nell's name because it's sweet and seems to suit her, but we did change Luke's name to "Tolley" and Natalia's name to "Ivy". We feel so fortunate to have these three beautiful beasties in our life and want to thank you again for all your help while we were there on Sunday.

Joanna Lake and Eric Rosenbloom

Marianne Monoc